Virtual Manufacturing

Definition: Virtual Manufacturing is the use of computer models and simulations of manufacturing processes to aid in the design and production of manufactured products.

Kit Pack finds great value in virtual manufacturing by "manufacturing" a product with words before physical product is dealt with. By reducing processes to writing, key personnel, technical support, quality control and production management evaluate responsiveness to specific requirements called out in the customer solicitation in preparation for actual production.

The virtual manufacturing process utilized at Kit Pack is found in the form of a computer generated model called the Production Quality Plan (PQP). This model details all materials, processes and steps (set out in the order to be performed); to result in a quality manufactured product meeting customer requirements.

The basis of the PQP, generated by the bidding department, is the Bid Item file. This file details all materials and processes required for production of a product completely responsive to customer's solicitations.

When the contract is received, the Bid Item File generates the PQP. The PQP is then reviewed in great detail by technical support and quality control, to ascertain that all salient characteristics meet contract requirements.

With the PQP approved and the verbal picture of the product in place, the plan for production, is put into action. The PQP is then utilized by purchasing agents as the basis for acquisition of all items and processes they are confident will meet customer requirements.

Kit Pack's version of virtual manufacturing is its PQP, a paper representation of kit configuration and production.

Ammo Loader Interface Unit.
The PQP facilitates prompt delivery of not only kits, but assemblies such as this