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F-15 Eagle

Extremely maneuverable tactical fighter
In service since the 1960's

T-38 Talon

Military Trainer
In service since 1961

F-5 Freedom Fighter/"Tiger"

Lightweight supersonic fighter
In service since 1954

F-18 Hornet

Multi mission fighter/attack aircraft
In service since 1991

F-16 Fighting Falcon

All weather/precision attack aircraft
In service since 1974

F-4 Phabulous Phantom

Served as an interceptor and ground support bomber in Vietnam and Desert Storm
In service since 1958

C-5 Galaxy

Heavy logistics military transport
In service since 1970

B-1B Lancer

Multi role long-range bomber
In service since 1986

KC- 135 Stratotanker

Backbone of USAF tanker fleet
In service since 1957

B-52 Stratofortress

For 35 years the primary manned strategic bomber
In service since 1955

C-130 Hercules

Serves intratheater airlift missions
In service since 1955

C-141B Star Lifter

First all-jet transport
In service since 1979

M-113 Armored Personnel Carrier

Lightly armored full tracked carrier designed to carry personnel and cargo
In service since 1960

M-1 Abrams

Main Battle Tank
In service since 1978

M-939 5-Ton Tactical Truck

On & off road cargo and personnel transport
In service since 1983

20mm Ammunition

Loading System
Replenisher Assembly

UH-60 Black Hawk

Front line utility helicopter
In service since 1974


M998 Series

Kit Pack has demonstrated proven kitting capability by performaing on 6,235 contracts for maintenance, overhaul and modification kits for these aging systems.