Kit Part Acquisition and Packaging

  • Individual part acquisition per customer's detailed kit list
  • Individual part inspection per customer's specifications
  • Individual parts packaged to meet customer's kit requirements

Single Item Manufacture

  • Materials acquired and inspected per customer specifications
  • Production processes carried out
  • Processed product inspected per product specifications
  • Finished product meets sophisticated, end-user requirements

Large Scale Just In-Time Assembly and Production

In-House Capabilities:
  • Kanban Style, Lean Manufacturing Area
  • Flexible Capacity to Support Mid to Large Projects
  • Mig/Tig Welding
  • 7K Cubic Ft. Paint booth (CARC Certified)
External Supplier Quality Management
  • Documented Supplier Management Plan
  • Ongoing supplier performance assessments carried out by Quality Assurance and Lead Auditor
  • Virtual Manufacturing-Production Quality Plan utilized by Purchasing, Quality Control & Production
  • Inspection per product specifications
  • Finished product meets sophisticated, end-user requirements

Military Standard Packaging

Upon contract receipt, Kit Pack's packaging department reviews contract packaging requirements to assure specifications will be met. Packing specifications address these issues: acquisition, packaging, handling, storage, transportation and supply. Specifications call for packaging that will assure product integrity is maintained at all times. Military supplies encounter a wide range of conditions so it is necessary that levels of product protection be defined to correlate to these widely differing conditions. Further, in the case of hazardous materials, packing and marking specifications are met to also maintain user safety.

Parts are packaged such that they are safe in route, in storage and are packed in quantities enabling efficient usage. They are packaged against damage and deterioration from the time they are acquired to the time they are utilized. Kit Pack is proud to report, packaging acceptance is at 100%. No material has ever been returned by a customer because of inappropriate or inadequate packaging.