Consider for a moment, if time is money... how much time do you spend dealing with:

Emails--phone calls-faxes--paper mail--requests for quotes?

From these people:


Next, consider... how much time do you spend responding with:

Quotes, Emails, phone calls, faxes, paper mail, and contract performance?

Then, consider this solution...

License Kit Pack and we'll handle it all for you!

They've got their mission,

we'll make yours,


As licensing specialists, Kit Pack Company enables OEMs to profitably support aging weapon systems

Kit Pack Company has served the Government, America's largest customer, by performing on over 20,000 contracts since 1961. Over those years, Kit Pack has provided individual parts and kits for many of the aircraft now referred to by the Government as "Aging Weapons Systems". As time has moved on, the DOD's systems have required increasing maintenance, overhaul and modification to keep systems operational and up-to-date with newly available technologies. Kit Pack has successfully performed on thousands of contracts providing materials for modification, maintenance and overhaul kits supporting those systems.

In addition, Kit Pack has teamed with manufacturers including Eaton Corporation, resulting in Eaton’s shipment of 220 kits per month for three years without a rejection. Eaton indicated Kit Pack had provided a special quality inspection criteria which had exceeded Mil Standards and indicated profitability was experienced with Kit Pack’s evaluation of parts to fill a need at the lowest cost . Parts were then provided at cost and on time. Customer feedback: Cleve Kimmel Administration Manager, Eaton Corp

Kit Pack Company, classified by the Government as a "small business", is a prime Government contractor, whose facility, systems and staff have successfully handled procurements associated with these older systems for years. In addition to their well-trained staff and efficient size enabling quick response, the specifications for many parts for these older systems are found in Kit Pack's extensive database.

OEMs participating in licensing agreements with Kit Pack are able to profitably support these "Aging Weapons Systems" because they can offload many of the overhead intensive and costly management requirements of the spares system. Kit Pack relieves OEMs from everything from quoting through delivery! The OEM is paid a fixed percentage of the gross contract as a licensing fee and occasional additional compensation for data and engineering support as provided.

The benefits experienced by OEM's are found, not only with the offloading of costly overhead, but by the freeing of capital for other systems as well. Kit Pack's responsiveness to customer requirements improves customer satisfaction as Kit Pack's ISO certified systems pick up where OEMs would like to leave off!

What Licensing can do for OEMs

Kit Pack Licensing, enables OEMS to profit from their past while they're creating their future!

Licensing Kit Pack Company to support "aging systems" enables OEMs to profitably support these systems by:

  • Ensuring efficient responsiveness to customer requirements
  • Reducing overhead by offloading responsibility for all phases of production to Kit Pack Company
  • Experience maximum product profitability during waning product life cycle
  • Enabling OEMs to profitably compete with second source providers
  • Plus-- resources are freed to address "new" systems(Less lost opportunity cost)

What licensing Kit Pack has done for OEMs:

  • Successfully performed on millions worth of licensee contracts
  • Delivered quality product to OEM customers
  • Paid hundreds of thousands in licensing fees to OEMs

Here's how it works:

  • Kit Pack interfaces with Government personnel during bidding and contract performance processes.
  • Kit Pack ships contract requirements to customer.
  • Kit Pack issues check to OEM for licensing fee and data and engineering support.

OEM Bottom Line:

-Greatly reduced overhead +Profitable licensing fees


Kit Pack supports OEM responsiveness to end-user customers with:
  • Prompt service
  • Quality products

Licensing Kit Pack Company enables OEM profitability by serving their long-standing customers while they're creating their future!