Executive summary

Kit Pack specializes in giving aging systems new life by providing kits and assemblies to maintain, modify and overhaul DOD's proven equipment. Kit Pack's veteran bidding staff, experienced engineer, and skilled production teams are uniquely qualified to deal with "aging systems" issues. These challenging issues include identification of approved sources, location of expensive tooling and limited inventories available to provide often small quantities of product. These issues often relate to systems out of production, vanishing sources and obsolete or out-of-date processes.

For over four decades, operating as a prime Government contractor, an extensive, ever-increasing database has been generated as Kit Pack successfully meets the needs of "aging" systems. This wealth of information, garnered over years of demonstrating proven capabilities, is what enables Kit Pack to serve as a successful single-point source for aging DOD systems.

Kit Pack's Proven Capabilities:

  • Methodical assessment of product specifications
  • Identification and qualification of sources of materials,products and processes
  • Performance of quality inspection of delivered product
  • Maintenance of complete traceability and current status
  • Product packaged per military standards

Kit Pack's wealth of knowledge lends itself well to support these systems in the face of the retiring core of knowledge seen as personnel involved with system design, production and spares support retire. Contractors whose systems have been supported include Boeing, Northrop, McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed Martin and others. Part numbers provided number in the thousands.

Consistent customer satisfaction is achieved with application of ISO certified processes and procedures along with the goal of continuous improvement, demonstrated in company activities, day to day. From 1961 until ISO certification in Dec 2000, Kit Pack had operated under the quality requirements of Mil-I 45208. ISO certification was stepped up to ISO 9001:2008 in December 2003.

Spares Industry Challenges

CHALLENGE: Suppliers out of business or no longer using older technologies
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's extensive database includes information on over 10,800 suppliers. Suppliers are categorized by product type to facilitate identification of potential suppliers.
CHALLENGE: Tooling unavailable
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's adoption of innovative technologies reduces impact of long lead times and prohibitive costs of replacing lost and scrapped tooling.
CHALLENGE: Materials no longer available
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's experience of having dealt with numerous material upgrades provides familiarity with identifying materials which have superceded former material specifications.
CHALLENGE: Limited data availability
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's dynamic, ever increasing database has accumulated over one million drawings during more than forty-four years supporting aging military equipment.
CHALLENGE: Limited inventory availability
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's industry familiarity includes knowledge of unusual databases where older inventory might be found.
CHALLENGE: Small procurement requests
Kit Pack's Offering: Kit Pack's familiarity with not only individual spares, but assemblies of which they are components provides opportunities for consolidating purchases to control cost and lead time.