Customer Feedback

"My staff at DCMC tell me that you have done a fine job for the Department of Defense. I understand that many of the items you manufacture, such as the fuel cell seal kit for the F-15 and helical spline for the UH-60, were used in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. My compliments to you for the speed with which you rushed production of materials in support of our effort in Southwest Asia.

I am personally immensely proud of the Defense contractors of America for their support of Desert Storm."

Colin McMillan
United States Assistant Secretary of Defense

"I wish to express my appreciation, and that of the thousands of men and women who served our country so well in the recent Desert Storm conflict, for the efforts the people of your company expended to support them....American technology demonstrated overwhelming superiority and you have been a great part of that. Our forces had what they needed, when and where they needed it, and this would not have been possible without the efforts of the many Americans who were dedicated to providing the highest quality products to our troops. When the chips were down you came through with flying colors.

When we are asked to evaluate your company's capability to perform a contract, rest assured, your performance in this critical period will be part that will not be forgotten!

I and the men and women of DCMAC Phoenix are proud to have worked with the people of your company throughout this period, and look forward to future joint efforts of continuous improvement.

Michael G. Pazak
Colonel, USA

DLA Outstanding Readiness Support
Small business Kit Pack Company
Las Cruces, New Mexico

Kit Pack Company has shown consistent, superior commitment to supporting the urgent supply needs of the U. S. Air Force. Kit Pack is a supplier of excellence, providing logistical solutions to their Department of Defense customer base in support of military readiness. Their dedication and willingness to partner with Defense Supply Center Richmond to fill urgent customer requirements exceeded all expectations. Kit Pack went beyond the call of duty to correct an outdated grease specification that was discovered while installing the rebuild kits. They helped identify the problem, and were able to immediately ship bearings packed with the correct grease. Upon receipt, the previously shipped bearings were promptly stripped and re-packed with the correct grease and sent back to the customer. All while Kit Pack was in the process of assembling additional rebuild kits and making early phased deliveries. Their cooperation and performance demonstrated the ultimate in contractor/Government partnering to support the Warfighter. Kit Pack represented the best in Outstanding Readiness Support under adverse conditions to satisfy unforeseen demands.

Nominated by the Defense Supply Center Richmond.

"The overwhelming success of Operation Allied Force in Kosovo could not have happened without your responsive efforts to the demands we placed upon you. Partnership between the military and its supplier base has once again proven to be a winning formula.

On behalf of the men and women at DSCC and, of course, the men and women who put their lives on the line each day at Kosovo, I want to thank you and your employees for their support during this challenge."

Mary L. Saunders
Brigadier General, USAF

"Your firm provided great assistance in the product sizing, inspection and kiting requirements. As a result of the high level of quality acceptance by your firm, we were able to manufacture 220 of these sets each month over a three year period without one single reject. You were very corporative in assisting us in establishing the special quality inspection criteria that exceeded MIL-Q9858 standards; as well as assisting us in selecting the lowest cost part for each of the various applications. We designed about 30% of the Machine Valve set around the fasteners recommended by you.

Your working knowledge of fasteners, coupled with your manufacturing ability for small parts, was especially appreciated. You maintained the cost level targets throughout the manufacturing period, and never missed a shipment." -

Cleve C. Kimmel
Administration Manager
Eaton Corporation

"Certificate of Appreciation is presented to H.N. Bailey and Associates for assistance provided in support of Operation Desert Storm. The role of the U.S. Army Aviation Systems Command In This National Undertaking is extremely important to our country's welfare. Each person involved, whether behind the scenes or in the field, is vital to its success. Your special sacrifices and dedication to duty have contributed to our ability to meet the challenges facing the Army today. Your efforts will be appreciated for many years to come. Thank you."

Donald R. Williamson
Major General, USA
US Army Aviation Systems Command