Kit Pack's Data Base

Kit Pack's years spent helping to increase useful lives of DOD systems has resulted in this valuable data base:

  • Modification, Overhaul and Production Kit Lists
  • Assemblies
  • Product Mechanical Drawings
  • Material specifications
  • 304,000 Defined Part numbers
  • 23,000 Quality Check Lists: detailing inspection criteria

Hundreds of thousands of aperture cards with Mechanical Drawings and specifications

As this database includes part and material specifications generated by a number of OEMs, it is unlikely this could be found under one roof anywhere else. This extensive database, together with its customized computer system, stands ready to meet dynamic, ever-changing customer requirements. Drawing upon this data base, the system efficiently and accurately generates custom Production Quality Plans, thus expediting contract performance while assuring specified product quality. This wealth of information and system thus enable Kit Pack to serve as a successful single point source for aging DOD systems.

A sample Quality Check List in action

Kit Pack's receiving and inspection process generates a Quality Check List for each part, material and process entering the system, assuring low rejection rates and high levels of reliability for product shipped. Measurement and specifications are entered and then retained in the database, to be retrieved and utilized the next time the part is to be inspected.