About Us

Business Summary

Headquartered in Las Cruces, NM, Kit Pack Co. (KPC) is a manufacturer of parts and overhaul and modification kits, primarily for government aircraft and other military vehicles. KPC is the oldest small business supplier of parts kits and overhaul kits to the DoD with roots extending back to 1961 when Tinker AFB (OCAMA) first broke out parts kits to small business firms.


The headquarters address is 285 E. Thorpe Rd. Las Cruces, NM. A total of 47,000 square feet of administration/manufacturing area, includes three 5,000 square foot warehouses, and an additional 4000 square feet of open production area. The property is considerably larger than needed for current operations, and will support significant growth in the future. The main building is a brick structure with original red and white oak wood floors, in excellent, near-new condition, and includes a production area, offices, welding stations and a paint booth.

The southern NM location is approximately 20 miles north of the Texas border, near the intersection of the I-10 and I-25 highways. The facility is located near White Sands Missile Range, a major DoD weapons testing facility, and Spaceport America, the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport.

Products and Services


KPC has acted primarily as an Air Force contractor expert on aging aircraft including the C-130, F5, KC135, B52, B1, F15, F16, F18, Huey, F4 and their systems. Many of these systems to remain in service into the 2020-2040s. Along with the aging of these systems, through its long business history, KPC has responded to ongoing demand for these programs' refurbishing, upgrade, and general support needs. KPC produces kits for both system overhaul, and technology upgrades, as well as certain parts and components.

KPC's major programs over the last two decades have been primarily vehicle overhaul, gun turrets, and ammunition loading systems for the Army, related to the DoD's involvement in Army actions during this time. The Company will analyze any new opportunity or special project based on its ability to profitably source parts and materials, utilize its operational base, and its ability to finance the project, given the project's size and scope, compared to KPC's other planned production activities.

Recent Contract Awards and Opportunities

  • In November, 2014, KPC received official designation as a Supply Chain Program Gun and Ammunition handling qualified supplier for FSCs 1005, 1010, 1015, 1029, 1025, 1055, and 1095 (Control #0444667).
  • In November, 2016, KPC was solicited for and submitted an application for long- term contracts for a small arms items program for FSCs 1005 with an estimated maximum value of $23,961,900. KPC expects within the next two to three years to be managing Supply Chain items in FSCs 1005-1095.
  • In September, 2016, KPC was awarded Requirements Contract SPEA4A516D0029; which, as of June 1, 2017 totals $12,231,843 for FSC 1560 Supply Chain for maintaining 71 line items. There are 1300 additional line items which will come online in subsequent award rounds that Kit Pack will bid on with three other contractors.

Project Backgrounds

The Company has ongoing spares, parts, and small kits sales, as well as multi-year, special project opportunities. Examples of some past special projects include:

  • Consolidated Controls production kits for the assembly line for their 7920 valve for uranium enrichment program - $396,000
  • Army modification kit 57K0449, M113 Upgrade - $18,038,772
  • Army modification kit for 57K0300 Truck Gun Turret Installation - $4,592,386
  • International Truck MRAP Gun Mount - $9,376,603
  • GE Replenisher (Ammunition Loading System): 798E885, 84 units totaling $3,534,674
  • BAE Replenisher/overhaul kits - $128,000 new products
  • Interface units - $2,281,241
  • $12,231,843 supply chain contract

Highlights of KPC's business history

  • 1962 - H.N. Bailey & Associates (CAGE 99871), formed. HN Bailey was the oldest small business kit supplier to the DoD. Tinker AFB in Oklahoma began utilizing overhaul kits to maintain aircraft and small businesses to acquire kits.
  • 1974 Kit Pack Co. (CAGE 30842) was formed as a division of H.N. Bailey to handle parts kits.
  • 1980 KPC moved to New Mexico, and reformed as NM Corporation
  • 1994 KPC entered into a licensing agreement with Boeing (CAGE 43999) for spares for the B1B. This agreement initiated a profitable market segment for both KPC and Boeing for B1B spares.
  • 1995 - KPC wins $19 million Army contract for overhaul of M113 Army troop carrier.
  • 2000 Kit Pack became ISO9001-2000 certified by Perry Johnson and Associates.
  • 2002 KPC became one of two qualified sources for the F18 Ammunition Loading System. Currently KPC is the sole source provider, with 70 government orders and 8 commercial orders received by KPC through 2013. In 2017, 4 additional loading systems are under contract, supporting government programs.
  • 2002 Kit Pack was honored with the DLA Outstanding Readiness Support Award, enhancing its exposure to the other DLAs.
  • 2004 KPC won a large Army contract for gun mount installations, worth $4.6 million in revenue during the2004 -2006 period. KPC became a primary source for 50-millimeter gun mounts for the 5-ton assault vehicle.
  • 2004 KPC bought out its original partner, Ed Bailey, and began refocusing the direction of the company.
  • 2006 Based upon a recommendation from Northrop, KPC was selected as a partner in the USAF Manufacturing Technical Assistance Production Program. KPC received a Certificate of Recognition for this program, providing additional industry exposure and contacts/conferences.
  • 2007 KPC's gun mount platform, and installation kit, is used on International Trucks MRAP vehicle, worht over $10 million in contract revenue value.
  • 2010 KPC became ISO 9001:3008 certified.
  • 2013 KPC created an Ammunition Loading System spares kit, for sale to a customer with the loading system contract for Foreign Military Sales.
  • 2014 Designated as a Qualified Supplier for DSC 1005, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1025, 1055 and 1095.
  • 2016 Awarded Contract SPE4A516D0029 for FSC 1560 Supply Chain . KPC will be maintaining 71 line items for three to five years.

Awards and Recognition

KPC has distinguished itself in high-level government and other markets through many decades of high quality products, accumulated data and tooling in support of aging aircraft, and a consistent history of responding to customer needs, all of which have enhanced its reputation in its markets. Some examples of customer/market recognition are:

  • Assistant Secretary of Defense 4/11/91: Letter of recognition for the highest levels of Customer Support and Service, Operation Desert Storm
  • Consolidated Controls 4/13/92: Letter of Appreciation
  • Defense Logistics Agency 1/9/01: Outstanding Readiness Support Award
  • US Air Force 11/15/06: Certificate of Recognition
  • International Truck 2007: Letter of thanks for outstanding effort in their MRAP contract
  • 1993 KPC is recognized by the US Senate Productivity/NM Quality Award Honor Roll
  • 1994 and 1995 KPC receives the Quality NM Roadrunner Award
  • Qualified Supplier: Designated in 2014 for FSCs 1005, 1010, 1015, 1020, 1025,1055, 1095
  • Supply Chain Award: September, 2016, for FSCs 1560